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Hello World! My name is Sara Rhiannon Stanzler.

I am your typical 24 year old – passionate, lazy, determined, confused.


I like reading about people who quit their corporate job and serve ice cream on a beautiful Island and how it’s okay to be twenty-something and not have any idea

what you’re suppose to be doing.


I am excessively organized (I’m talking lists, labels & color-coordination people) yet I can barley manage to keep my bedroom neat for more than twenty-four hours.  


I am creative and I am a perfectionist - it's a battle, but a great one.


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to create beautiful things. Furniture, clothing, photography - you name it, I’ve tried it.


It used to trouble me that I don’t have a concentrated passion. I have scores of passions! For a long time I felt pressure to choose, and that’s a difficult thing - choosing between things you love.


Now I have an outlet. I have a platform for my many attempts and a means to share with you my still trying to figure it out spin on the world!


Welcome to








and thank you for joining along :)

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